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Food, Wines and Events

Santorini Foodies

From the fresh fish market in Fira to the outstanding selection of restaurants in Firostefani, enjoying seafood in Santorini is a highlight. There are also wonderful restaurants in the small villages scattered throughout the center of the island.

Do try the Santorini capers, tomatoes, fava beans, pistachios, and wine. Because of the volcanic soil, the flavors and shapes are unique. For example, large tomatoes in Santorini are impossible to grow and are always small. These small tomatoes are deep red in color and famous for their aroma and flavor. Since 2013, the Santorini tomato has an official designation and protected origin.
Santorini has many fine bakeries where you can find wonderful baked goods and small cafes which serve a hearty breakfast. Plenty of restaurants along the caldera cliffs serve breakfast and you can linger over your coffee while gazing out to the Aegean Sea and nearby islands. Omelettes, yogurt, breads, are commonplace at breakfast along with a selection of European coffees. The bakeries offer a tantalizing selection of pastries and breads, some with cheese and spinach, and are open all day. Coffee bars are also easy to find and in the summer serve iced coffees.

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Few favorites restaurants


Santorini Wines

Wine abounds in Santorini as the center of the island is dotted with vineyards. Red wine makes up 20% of the island production and takes a back seat to the dry white wines.

The dry white wines, probably the most popular wines from Santorini, were originally harvested at night to avoid the complication of the daytime heat and for that reason called “Nykteri”. Nykteri wines are noticeably richer than standard white wines and have a certain whiff of exotic fruit from the volcanic soil.
The sweet Vinsanto is Santorini’s most significant contribution to the wine world. This is a dessert wine and can be traced back to the 1600s when it was exported in barrels and branded as wine (vin) and from Santorini (santo). It should not be confused with Holy Wine, which comes from Italy and carries the same name.

Santorini International Music Festival

The Festival is organized by « The Friends of Santorini Cultural Association » under the artistic direction of its founder, pianist Athena Capodistria.

Well-known artists from all over the world come to Santorini to perform on this international stage. Solo recitals (piano, guitar, violin, cello), orchestras, piano duets, and operatic music are included in the events.
The International Music Festival of Santorini takes place in Firostefani at the Petros Nomikos Conference Centre (just next door to Crown of Fira).

Tickets are available at Dakoutros Travel.
Tel: +30 22860 22958

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Half Marathon

Participate in the Santorini Experience

Runners compete in the 21.1km “Daedalic Kore of Thira” Half Marathon race across the enchanting areas of Oia, Imerovigli and Fira while swimmers participate in the unique 1.5 miles (2.4 km) open water swimming route starting from the volcano with its finish line being at the old port of Fira.

Held the third week of September every year over two consecutive days, one for swimming the other running.